5x2: The Recruits

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After the events of "Legacy", the first episode of the season, Oliver Queen is eager to add three new members to the Arrow Team: Evelyn Sharp, Wild Dog, Curis. Will each one of them be able to handle the hardness of the training required to enter the team Arrow? On the other hand, several flashbacks in the episode show us some things about Oliver's past.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

The Recruits is the second episode of the fifth season of Arrow. Honestly, we expected more of the series at the moment of introducing new members of Team Arrow, so this episode felt a bit mediocre.

Reviewing what happened in the previous seasons, Roy, Thea and Laurel went through a lot of time until they earned a place beside Arrow, and we witnessed as they patiently showed us their personalities. However, the new recuits of Team Arrow (Wild Dog, Artemis and Hult) were introduced without the expected deepness, and giving them a quite superficial treatment of their characters.

Moreover, Ollie's flashback turned out quite cliché and didn't surprise us at all. Also, Diggle's sub-plot in Chechnya was also treated without the importance it deserved.

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