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Arrow's fifth season begins with a critical situation affecting Arrow. The whole city is now full of crime and wickedness as Tobias Church stays in the city. What will Oliver do to improve the situation? Maybe he can create a new team of... superheroes?


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Legacy is the kick-off episode of Arrow's season five. The great goal of the series in this season will be to develop a story that can thrill the audience again, by the hand of the new members of Team Arrow. The production of the show must aim at covering holes in the storyline of the past seasons.

It's evident that the series turned into a darker mood, as it's abandoned the superhero-supervillain format, leading to the struggle between night vigilantes and powerful gangsters. On the other hand, Ollie is trying to stop killing criminals in order to stop crime.

The advance in Ollie's political career complicated everything even more, because of the corruption that reigns in every power layer of Starling City, and the fact of Thea and Diggle being apart from the Team. This will make Team Arrow to add new faces to the crew.

What are we going to witness in this new season of Arrow?

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