4x7: Brotherhood

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The battle between Team Green Arrow and Damien Darhk find its difficulties when something new is revealed. On the other hand, Thea losses control in front of Alex


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

In Brotherhood, the action in the show gets to the point we missed so much. This episode is focused in Diggle, but will also go deeper into Ollie's political career, and Dahrk as a growing menace. Moreover, the flashbacks will give us overwhelming amounts of emotion.

We can highlight the development of action scenes in this episode. James Banford, the fight choreographer, is also the responsible behind the cameras, so we'll have exciting and longer takes during fights and stunt scenes. 

Also, Diggle will show us a side of his personality that we rarely see, opening his vulnerabilities and his pain because of Ollie's treason. Meanwhile, Darhk isn't really the infallible villain we expected, as he is clueless about Arrow's identity, and failing in his attack on Thea.

This is a great episode because of the technical improvement during stunt scenes, and because the secondary stories are growing in importance and interaction.

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