4x23: Schism

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Oliver receives unexpected help in order to defeat Damien Darhk. Will it be enough to finally control the situation?


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After all the tension we have seen in this season, Schism to give this fourth season a peaceful end. The episode begins with Dahrk taking control of Felicity's laptop and therefore, the necessary codes to launch thousands of nuclear missiles. Team Arrow has only two hours to stop the threat.

While Oliver convinces citizens into fighting Darhk's power, Felicity and Curtis successfully work to keep Star City safe from the nuclear attack. In general, the episode has some interesting events that aren't properly developed. We're talking about a nuclear attack, that should scare us really bad, but i think it doesn't. Oliver finally kills Darhk and the threat is now in the past.

Interesting facts: yes, me neither. I just can't believe Oliver is the new Star City's mayor. And if you thought this episode was at least technicallly good just take a closer look to the fight between Green Arrow and Damien Dahrk. You can actually see a cameraman there!

To summarize, what can we expect from season 5? This season finale isn't what we expected. We had some vengeance, but it just didn't feel as good as we expected.

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