4x12: Unchained

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The team must face a new and dangerous enemy, The Calculator. Meanwhile, Nyssa has a new move in mind and Roy visits Star City


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Unchained is one of the most importante episodes of this week. Why? Because of several facts we'll highlight.

In general, the episode is well balanced between particular character stories and the collective action, probably thanks to Kevin Fair's experience (the director of this episode, former director of Smallville).

On the other hand, we notice that action scenes were greatly improved, as Ollie and Roy's chase involves several parkour moves, also in Nyssa's jailbreak scene and the katana duel.

Moreover, Felicity will face a new foe called The Calculator, and we suspect that this character is a relative of her. In the last place, Nyssa showing Ollie the Lotus gives us a hint of next episode's storyline.

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