4x1: The Green Arrow

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"The Green Arrow" is the first episode of Arrow's season four. Join Oliver and his friends in their constant fight against crim and evil


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Green Arrow is the first episode of the fourth season of Arrow. As it happened at the beginning of season 3, the initial calmness doesn't last too long. Oliver and Felicity's moment of happiness is interrupted in the moment Arrow is needed again in Star City.

The main threat of this episode are the "Ghosts", a group of killers that respond to the evil Damien Darhk. While Black Canary believes it's time to ask for some extra help Diggle denies the idea and tries to handle the situation with their present resources. After attacking the police station, The Ghosts have a plan to make the train station explode. Oliver discovers this plan by capturing one of them and in the end Damien runs away and there are no major casualties.

Interesting fact: the name of the city changed from Starling City to Star City (RIP Ray Palmer). The very big question of the episode is: Whose grave is the one Oliver and Barry are in front of? This is a huge flashforward for a season beginning. We won't tell you the answer, but we know it's tragic enough to make Oliver really angry and thirsty for revenge.

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