3x8: The Brave and the Bold

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Oliver, Diggle and Arsenal pursue a serial killer known as Digger Harknes. In their efforts to stop him, they’ll team up with the Flash team.


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The Brave and the Bold is another of the most important episodes of the season. We'll see a joint action between Arrow and The Flash, more contundent than last time's.

Unlike last crossover episode, the enemy will be the charismatic Digger Harkness, a dangerous villain that throws razor-sharp boomerangs. This character was a former member of Suicide Squad, considered dead.

The most interesting side of the episode is the dynamic between the two franchises, being Ollie who's local and Barry, Caitlin and Cisco as visitors of the new scenario. Have you noticed when Cisco enters Arrow's cave? It's really funny the parallelism between this moment and Batman's story.

The most juicy part of this chapter consists in the clash between the two personalities of the heroes, and its phylosophical dimension. Ollie's not happy with the man he is, because of his past and his present as a violent vigilante. On the other hand, Barry will share his vision, that involves taking care of the city as he doesn't use without using torture methods, but trusting his team.

Curious facts: did you know that both Harkness and Deathstroke are casted by actors that worked in Spartacus?

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