3x23: My Name Is Oliver Queen

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"My Name Is Oliver Queen" is the Arrow's third season finale. Please, do not spoil. We hope you enjoy this brillant episode!


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My Name Is Oliver Queen is the last episode of Arrow's season 3. The key thing of this chapter: everyone is in danger and things can work turn out really bad. Damien Darhk will be another central character in this episode as he wants to finish Ra's life.

When Team Arrow arrive to the place they were holding Damien prisoner the scenario is tragic: one dead body and no clues about Damien. A virus is spreaded by the league and Felicity and Ray work on the antidote. However, things go just fine and the League of Assassins is under control. We can see a relieved Oliver with no weight on his shoulders.

Interesting facts: Damien is not defeated at all so it's logic to expect his return on season 4. Unlike the other season finales, this time the major attack is stopped before any deaths. Is a bloody season 4 finale coming? Finally, this is the first season finale that includes the death of Team Arrow's main enemy.

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