3x16: The Offer

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After listening to Ra's al Ghul's ideas, Oliver needs to reflect on his response. Meanwhile, a new threat arises


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The Offer is another great chapter of this Arrow's season. The title refers to the surprising dynamic that grows between Arrow and Ra's al Ghul.

We all expected that Ra's wanted the complete extintion of Arrow and his team, but what have we found out? Ra's doesn't want Arrow dead, but he expects him to be his heir, disturbing Ollie's mind even more. If we review what happened, we clearly know that Ollie was the first responsible of Slade's attack on Starling City, and the death of many of his loved ones. Clearly, he doesn't have much to lose so, what will he reply to Ra's offer?

On the other hand, we highlight Ollie's visit to Felicity's work, where we'll find out more about their link with Ray Palmer. Moreover, Lancel keeps trying to carry on without Sara by his side, and the fact of being betrayed by his closest ones.

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