3x13: Canaries

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In this episode, we’ll see Laurel pursue Vertigo, Thea receiving a surprise visitor and Oliver struggling to adjust himself to the changes within the team during his dissapearance.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Hello there! We're completely sure Canaries is the best episode on season 3. What do you think? We're going to give our thoughts on this episode. We find a troubled Oliver as he realizes the dynamics inside the Team Arrow have changed: Laurel is now showing in public as the Black Canary. It doesn't take too long before Vertigo appears and catches Laurel.

The key development of the episode is the lines between Oliver and Laurel. Things are finally clear and we see an exposed and sensitive Laurel. Her feeling of guilt regarding her sister Sara's death makes Laurel create the Black Canary and Oliver is fully aware of that. However, his words are enough to calm Laurel and things go out of control.

In the end, we find a new Laurel. Now she's completely certain about the reasons she had to start the Black Canary identity. She can't mantain that position and the pressure of living up to Sara's ideal is just impossible for her.

Interesting fact: this episode recording took exactly 13 days. Is that more than you thought? It also included a production work of seven days.

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