2x5: League of Assassins

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Oliver tries to contact Sara Lance when he finds some alarming facts. The League of Assassins send men to reach Sara, and Oliver discovers that Laurel will presentiate his motherís trial.


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League of Assassins is the fifth episode from the series season 2 and it focus on the background of the criminal group. Both Sara and Oliver are attacked by a member of the team but things work out just fine. After that, Sara reveals to Oliver what is the connection between her and the organization

On the Queen side, Moira's situation seems to improve a little. The D. A. offers her a good deal: if she confesses she's guilty, then death penalty will get revoked for her. However, Oliver's mother thinks this is not a good option abd refuses to cooperate.

Interesting facts: did you know there is one specific quote from this episode that relates directly to the movie Batman Begins? While listen to the phrase just one time in this episode, the same material appears three times in the film by Christoper Nolan: "You should be mindful of your surroundings"

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