2x23: Unthinkable

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Season finale! Oliver tries to stop Slade trying to avoid a killing spree. In the meantime, Sara finds an unexpected ally.


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Hey there! We are here you to give you some specific information about Unthinkable, Arrow's season 2 last episode. So far, we know Slade has a plan to keep Oliver suffering, the new goal is to kill one more person in Oliver's life. Cruel, huh? That's what the episode is all about: doing the unthinkable to protect those people you love. In this case, Oliver will have to go beyond the limits he once put to himself.

After waiting for Roy to recover, Oliver and his friend fight against Slade's army. Remember that these soldiers have extreme physical abilities as they're using the Mirakuru serum. However, a big enough explosion could kill all those men, right? Lyla Michaels is the one that makes the Clock Tower explode, having one problem solved.

At the end of the episode, Arrow uses his skills to finally catch Slade. Amanda finds herself enabled to stop the nuclear threat and things seem to be finally peaceful. However, Arrow won't kill Slade, he believes that isolating him is enough to stop the danger. Do you think that's true? We'll be seeing Slade again in the future?

Interesting fact: did you realize that Arrow didn't kill anyone? This is something unusual as we all expected Slade to be extermined.

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