2x15: The Promise

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In this episode, we’ll see Oliver receiving Slade’s visit and making his intentions clear. On the other hand, we’ll see what happened five years before.


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The Promise is an episode that find the meaning of its name in the past, five years ago precisely. It refers to the promise Slade Wilson made to Oliver. And what was that promise? Well, to just make him suffer. Oliver must now defeat Ivo once and for all if he wants to stay alive.

The episode starts with a completely frightened Oliver as a consequence of Slade's return. We can see some moments from the past, back in the island, where Oliver works his skills. You will see a giantic explosion made by an arrow delivered by Oliver (Who else could do that?), but the important fact is that the only way for Oliver to survive is to kill Ivo so he won't speak with Slade about Oliver's last decisions.

Interesting facts: so far, "The Promise" is one of the few episodes that contains a lot of flashbacks material. Did you notice that this is the first time we don't see Oliver as The Arrow? Lastly, you will find interesting that both Joe Copper and Curt Swan are two artists that work on The Flash and Superman comic books.

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