2x11: Blind Spot

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Laurelís father doesnít relieves her accusations against Sebastian, so she asks Arrow for help. Oliver tries to help her, but he also has his doubts about her because of his recent arrest.


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"Blind Spot" is the episode number 11 from Arrow's season two. The main conflict here is related to Laurel Lance and Sebastian Blood. In the first place, Laurel asks the Arrow for help as she affirms Sebastian is hiding something, despite she's publicly supporting him. When Oliver is close to the truth, Sebastian manages to take Laurel out of his way: now Laurel is arrested and drugs have to do with it.

Meanwhile, Roy stops hidding things from Sin and lets her help him. After telling what his true powers are, they both try to test the superpower. Things doesn't work as expected and Roy injures an innocent man

Interesting facts: did you know that, in general, Arrow's episodes have exactly one week of production and then 9 or 10 days of shooting? This episode was produced and shot with those standards.

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