2x1: City of Heroes

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Oliver is convinced by Felicity and Diggle to return to Starling City. In spite of feeling guilty of Tommy’s Death, he decides to protect Queen Consolidated. He’ll soon find himself in a middle of a crisis when a group called The Hood start killing rich people.


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City of Heroes is the first episode of the second season of Arrow. Let's do some recap so you can watch the episode with all the last events clear.

The most important fact about the last season is the The Undertaking, also know as The Glades Earthquake. Tommy died, Arrow could beat Malcolm but this doesn't guarantee at all the peace in Starling City. Oliver leaves the city and now John and Felicity are going to find him to make him go into reason and come back to fight crime again.

Some interesting facts about the episode: the particle accelerator mentioning is a clue about what's coming, Barry Allen's appearance (The Flash). Did you know that Richard Donner is the director of the movie Superman? He's clearly referenced by the character Adam Donner. Finally, a stunt double is present in this episode and not camouflaged well enough: we're talking about Colton Haynes.

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