1x9: Year's End

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A mysterious archer tries to frame up Oliver to make him look like an assassin. As the case moves forward, Oliver will have to find the balance between his work and his private life


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Year's End is the mid-season finale of Arrow's first season. The episode focus on Christmas and how each character reacts to this event. On one hand, Oliver has recently discovered that Christmas stopped being celebrated after the disappearing of both his father and mother. Therefore, he now wants to restore the spirit of this time of the year by throwing an important party. On the other hand, Laurel receives this time of the year with sadness because Christmas is also the birthday of the sister she lost, Sara.

Do you remember Yao Fei? Well, this episode has some important material. The fight between him and Oliver is one of the top moments of this season, i think. I suppose the outcome it isn't that good (watching Oliver in a hospital room is not exactly what you expect from a superhero), but now we all want Oliver to take some vengeance in the future, right?

Interesting fact: two songs with the word "Christmas" in its name were used in this episode's soundstrack: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Metric and "Christmas Time" by Kari Kimmel. Second interesting fact: the nick "Green Arrow" is dismissed by Oliver in this episode, but keep in mind this: in the future that nickname won't sound that bad.

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