1x4: An Innocent Man

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When Oliver realizes an innocent man has been framed, he asks Laurel for help. On the other hand, Diggle has a new proposal in mind


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An innocent Man is the fourth episode of Arrow. The innocent man is Peter, a man that is going to be executioned if Oliver doesn't do anything. In order to achieve that, Arrow must use Laurel's help.

After overcoming the situation, Peter is safe and ready to work with Oliver in the fight against crime and Evil on Starling City. On the other hand, Walter seems to discover Moira's secret: she has been hiding they family yacht for a while. Why is that? We hope Oliver's mother doesn't work against her own son.

Some interesting facts: this episode took 10 days of pre-production and 11 days to be entirely shot. What do you in do three weeks with your life? On the other hand, the episode was titled "Salvage", but it was changed before being released.

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