1x23: Sacrifice

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"Sacrifice" is Arrow's first season finale! Oliver escapes, Moira makes an announcement and Thea looks for Roy when the city collapses


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Hello to all! Sacrifice is Arrow's first season finale. The action is right in front of us as the conflict regarding The Glades and Malcolm Merlyn may have a disturbing ending. On the other hand, Felicity runs into troubles as Detective Lance takes her for questioning. If you didn't watch the episode please do not keep reading.

The development is quite obvious. Initially, Felicity seems to be in a complicated situation but her help allows Lance and the others to fight against the threat at The Grades. However, without any doubts, the action scenes are just perfect. It made me so happy to watch Malcolm expire right in front of my eyes. 

Sad event of the episode: Tommy's death. I guess it's a fair thing, Laurel's life is far more important than the one we just lost. Could you lie to a dying man just like Oliver did? What are your thoughts?

Interesting fact: did you know that Papp Street is a direct reference to one of the creators of the show? His name is George Papp is one of the responsible for giving life to Green Arrow

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