1x17: The Huntress Returns

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Helena returns to Starling City in order to seek and find his father. Meanwhile, Oliver tries ti find the right balance between his proffesional and his personal life


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The Huntress Returns in the episode 17 on Arrow's first season. Do you remember McKenna? She's a cute girl and something is definitely going to happen between her and Oliver. However, Oliver will have to deal with a major setback: the return of The Huntress, basically his ex-girlfriend.

We have a huge event in this episode: Oliver's night club open its doors. A big party is thrown and both Tommy and Oliver are really excited about Steve Aoki playing that night in Verdant, as its called the place. On the other hand, Roy Harper is a offered a job at Oliver's club but things aren't that easy and simple for him. Thea wants to help him but sometimes people's wishes isn't enough.

Interesting fact: do you know that The Huntress is a nickname for the real character Helena Bertinelli

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