1x13: Betrayal

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Cyrus Vanch, a maffia member, gets out of prison using a technicality. Oliver will try to stop him from achieving his goals


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Betrayal is the episode number 13 of Arrow's first season. After being in jail for a long time, Cyrus Vanch is now free and ready to recover his position as a criminal leader in the city. However, he must face The Hood to achieve this goal.

Oliver keeps questioning The List and all the content it has. If you don't what it is, this is a note-book that belonged to Robert Queen (Oliver's father) and that contains a list of the most dirty business people in the city. This could be a great tool to fight crime on a city, right?

However, the thing that hurts Oliver the most is that Moira, his mother, had something to do with his father's death. What're Moira's motifs?

Interesting facts: this episode took exactly the same to be produced and shot as An Innocent Man, fourth episode of the series. In case you liked the episode's music, we think you might want to know it includes I Will Be Back One Day, by Lord Huron.

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