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After being five years by himself on an island, Oliver returns to his home in Starling City and decides to use his skills to make his father's last wishes real: to take down the men who dominate the city


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Hey there! Pilot is the first episode of Arrow, the series you just started watching. Oliver Queen is a man who was supposedly missing for the last 5 years and that spent all that time by himself, surviving on an island and learning some great skills. One of those is the mastery of the bow, but what is important about this?

Back in Starling City, Oliver meets again with some people that have been missing him (his mother Moira and his sister Thea) and some people that prefer a world without him (for instance, his grilfriend from the past named Dinah Laurel). The thing is Oliver is a completely different person now: he wants and must fight crime by becoming Arrow (or Hood), a man who can take down the worst people by using his bow and arrows.

Interesting fact: the episode was shooted on Canada, the same place were Smallville was recorded in the past. 

The next episode of the series is called Honor Thy Father and you can watch right in the next page

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