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5x07: Vigilante

Imagen para el episodio 5x7: Vigilante

A complex situation occurs when a new Vigilante (hence the episode title) seems to be helping with keeping Starling City safe from crime and killings. Oliver and the rest of the team face a situation full of contradictions as they're against crime but at the same time they can't just trust the new hero. Oliver gets a flashback with himself finally talking with Konstantin and Diggle feels more disturbed than the others as the new

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5x06: So It Begins

Imagen para el episodio 5x6: So It Begins

In this episode we will see Curtis and Felicty trying to find a connection between the victims. They both with get surprised when they find something related to Oliver's past and this could put the mission in jeopardy. On the other hand, Prometheus keeps attacking the citizens and the number of casualties grows

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5x05: Human Target

Imagen para el episodio 5x5: Human Target

The episode title is about one of Oliver's friends from the past. When Arrow realizes one of his teammates has been taken by Tobias Church, Christoper Chance (Human Target) will show up to provide the needed help. On the other hand, Detective Malone starts working in a way that could really affect Felicity

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5x04: Penance

Imagen para el episodio 5x4: Penance

Penance is an episode that shows diagreement between the Arrow team members. While Lyla and Oliver take on a mission lead by Diggle, Felicity stays behind and waits. When an attack is launched by Tobias Church, Felicity finally takes matter into her own hands but hesitates about the ideal way to defend the city from the criminal

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5x03: A Matter of Trust

Imagen para el episodio 5x3: A Matter of Trust

Oliver's new team seems to be ready to go out to the streets, but its leader thinks it's not the time yet. However, Wild Dog goes against the explicit orders from the group and tries to deal with a new criminal in the city called Derek Sampson. What will be the outcome of this battle? Is Oliver's help going to be needed?

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5x02: The Recruits

Imagen para el episodio 5x2: The Recruits

After the events of "Legacy", the first episode of the season, Oliver Queen is eager to add three new members to the Arrow Team: Evelyn Sharp, Wild Dog, Curis. Will each one of them be able to handle the hardness of the training required to enter the team Arrow? On the other hand, several flashbacks in the episode show us some things about Oliver's past.

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